Hardware Set Up

  1. Plug in The MODA Plaque to an appropriate power outlet
  2. Plug in the MODA Plaque to the desired Art Display via the HDMI Cable
  3. Power on
  4. Connect to Wifi via iPhone or manually on Plaque
  5. Sign into MODA Account and Scan the Plaque QR Code to add Plaque to MODA Backend Management

For Artists:

  1. Sign up for an account on the MODA Web Portal and create your artist profile.
  2. Connect your NFT Wallet to the MODA Web Portal to scan and identify the NFTs you own or have created.
  3. Upload your high-resolution digital art files to the secure MODA Archive, ensuring the best quality artwork is ready for playback.
  4. Grant permission to galleries to showcase your artwork by sharing access to specific NFTs through the MODA Web Portal.
  5. Collaborate with galleries and collectors seamlessly, lending your art for exhibitions and tracking analytics to gain valuable insights into the activity of your artwork.
  6. Stay connected with the collector community, engage with fellow artists, and explore new opportunities for showcasing your art.

For Galleries / Collectors:

  1. Create an account on the MODA Web Portal and set up your gallery profile.
  2. Install the MODA Plaque to your gallery's physical displays.
  3. Link your MODA Plaque to your gallery's account by scanning the unique QR code displayed on the Plaque's touchscreen.
  4. Use the MODA Web Portal to curate and manage your digital art collection, selecting which NFTs to display.
  5. Customize the display settings of your MODA Plaque, such as playlist order, duration, and bidding mechanics, to create captivating and engaging art experiences.
  6. Utilize the touchscreen capabilities of the MODA Plaque to allow viewers to interact, providing additional information about the artwork, real-time price updates, or enabling interactive elements.
  7. Easily work with artists by requesting access to display their artwork and previewing their work.
  8. Gain insights into the impact of your displays and exhibitions by tracking analytics through the MODA Web Portal, helping you make informed decisions and refine your curation.

Pre-Order Beta Plaque:

MODA Plaque Basic

The MODA Basic Plaque is a reliable and affordable solution for displaying digital artworks. It…


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MODA Plaque

The Standard MODA Plaque takes digital art display to the next level by incorporating a touchscreen…


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MODA Plaque Plus

The MODA Plaque Plus is designed for those who appreciate the beauty of interactive generative art.…

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MODA Museum Plaque

The MODA Museum Plaque represents the pinnacle of digital art display technology. With its…

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